Queer Porn Portraits in the National Art Library

My first book, Queer Porn Portraits, which I self-published this year, was bought by the National Art Library in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.


I met a buyer at an exhibition earlier this year, and dropped off the book in person so that I could see some of their collection. It’s vast and beautiful and goes on for many more floors behind the scenes than you would imagine.
The Victoria & Albert is a design museum, so their photobook collection is focused foremost on the book as a design object rather than just the individual photographs within it. Mine is in the National Art Library’s Special Collection, where they have a growing section on LGBTQ representations which are all available to the public. If you’re interested in historic and modern photobooks on the subject, it’s a good place to spend a day.

The first edition of Queer Porn Portraits is sold out now, but if you want to go look at it an a beautiful old library, here is the place to do it. You can find the book in their public catalogue here.