The first issue of my zines is officially out in the world. The theme for this inaugural instalment was Moss, and it’s roughly about roots, migrating, belonging and longing.
I took some photos before these ones made their way to their respective homes. They don’t show every page or every photograph or piece of writing inside - I’m keeping some things just for patrons - but here they are:

This issue was hand stitched with dull green thread, to match the title theme, seen here in the centerfold. I love the stitching process, even if I slipped the needle under my fingernails a few too many times for comfort. It makes it seem so much more personal.

All patron copies of the zines are hand stamped with this little thank you in the back, and, of course, postcards and stickers and handwritten notes for higher tiers as well.

If you want to read this issue and subscribe to the next one, sign up for the patreon here:

thank you!