Queerporn Portraits
Portraits of queer porn performers, black and white medium format film, hand-processed.

These performers exist at the intersections of many different kinds of stigma and societal abuse. Being visibly queer has always been a brave thing to be – and being out as a sex worker on top of that invites a certain amount of disdain from the public. Not least because you are those things, but also because you have the gall to be celebrating it.
Showing your bodies, your sex acts, that have been deemed abject by society, and celebrating the idea that you are desirable, wanted, and part of a community that agrees with you; you carve out your own space.
When you’re part of a group of people who’re so politicised, everything you make in the public sphere becomes both personal and political – these performers challenge assumptions about what kind of bodies & acts are marketable or desirable, and straddle the lines between porn, art and activism.